Online Auctions

Mittwoch, den 05. Mai 2010 um 09:28 Uhr

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Overdue for an article are online auctions.

Are the words of a good friend – top down massage at the start, the philosophy follows.

Offers in any form, aren't tangible/virtuel.

VW Bus kaufen van360 online auktionen As long as we can't reach the offered, see it or have it checked out. Only once we own it or checked it out, we think we've gotten a better view. If we didn't get the acceptance or we came to late, we don't know if the offered would have fullfilled its promise.

1.You are not sure if the bus really switched owners after an auction? It is possible to push the price, with the help of a friend, if not satisfied with the actual price. In this case the offered will stay with the owner.

2. Another reason could be, that the offered product did not meet the expectations of the customer. That often happens with so complex products, such as used vehicles. To avoid trouble with the law or get a bad online reputation, both parties agree, that the sale did not happen.

3. Next one is, the highest bitter has a faked account. Therefore is not reachable and the offerer is contacting the second highest bidder. Maybe the deal is done that way, maybe not.

4. There are also bidding agents offered by the operators of online auctions, who are directly connected with the computers of the auctioneer. With such it is possible to win an auction with a lower bid. For example somebody put down 7000 Euro as highest bid and the second highest bid comes from somebody with a payed for bidding agent and is only 4000 Euro, those 4000 Euro still gonna win. We don't know how it works, we just describe our own and the experiences of our customers.

5. Even the bidder, who left an auction early, because it got too expensive, should use the possibility to get in touch with the offerer after an auction is over. As we have seen above, the deal often doesn't happen as planed and therefore it makes sense to find out.

A personal note at the end:
I can't and don't want to say names of those agencies and auctioneers, because it would make me vulnerable to the lawyers of such.
Everybody will find out in the net, if they want to. Also I want to keep the church in town and make "simple" politics. Be aware of where and for what I spent my money. Try to keep it in the region and avoid far away online providers and therefore keep the jobs here and make our region stronger.It doesn't alwasy work out, but it's worth a try.

Who wants to purchase online, should be aware of the consequences - it's not always what it seems like.