Price policy



Inexpensive repair! We respect our competitors and the challenge. Try to stand out from the market with our performance and the service on the customer and his vehicle.

Not every feat in repair or service can be valued in money! Our advantage compared to the Low Pricers?

You are missing a window crank?
a gift @van360!

You are missing small parts of any kind, e.g. a vent control, a door step cover, special screws, etc.?
a gift @ van360!

Naturally it’s our freedom of choice, to give a bit more generously, but there is no claim on it.

The regularity of your visits, fortune or misfortune in form of unexpected high repairs, will bring you up in the ranking of free additions.

Don’t worry, if it will be a bit more expensive. Try to see the positive side of it. Maybe you are happy that your breakdown came close to here and your wallet did not get emptied out.

Be surprised! We like to repair a bit more, with Your approval, and won’t charge ;-)

Note: Good advice ain’t expensive @ van360.