Warranty/ Verification


An often asked question, van360 likes to get fully answered here.

Van360 guarantees: the double amount of warranty, which is usually guaranteed, will be guaranteely guaranteed. Guaranteed!

Definition verification
- is the legal liability of the vendor or manufacturer, which states that the product or service is free of defects at the time of delivery.
- 2 years by law (§ 438 BGB), can be limited to 1 year
- also valid for repairs and assembly
- 1 year on used products
- companies cannot get rid of the legal liability, while dealing with individuals

Translated/ it means – If a dealer sells a faulty product to a private customer, for example a vehicle with certain defects and he writes down those defects in the contract … faulty exhaust, brakes near the wear limit … then those sub-assemblies are not covered by the verification.

Definition warranty
- is an agreement between dealer and customer, which goes beyond the verification. Exemption of warranty is therefore definitely no exemption of verification.

Translated/ it means – A warranty is an additional contribution offered by the dealer.
Free of charge it will surely increase the confidence in the product.
If there is a charge for it, then both parties assure themselves towards future defects.