Which type VW Bus ?


Type 1 through Type 5 (at the moment) – Terms used just by the "People"?

The internal model codes by Volkswagen AG are a bit different than the ones we use.

Actually the Type 3 is a VW Passat with rear engine on the platform of the Bug (see figure).
A load of bad sheet metal made them disappear nearly totally on the roads today.

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consecutively the Bus nomenclature and their year of manufacture

Type 1
1950 - 1967, divided windshield, a rounded model, air-cooled gasoline engine in the rear

Type 2 1967 - 1979, one piece windshield, also rounded, market launch with stepping boards on the front bumper and white signal lights on the bottom, also called Type 2 a, later on without stepping boards and with little square, yellow signal lights below the windshield, also called
Type 2 b, air-cooled gasoline engine in the rear

Type 3
1979 - 1989, square-edged, market launch with round headlights and still air-cooled, later on with square double headligths by choice, approved rear engine now with water-cooling as diesel or gasoline version, also with permanent 4x4 as "Syncro"-version, with axle lock up as a surcharged option

Typ 4
1990 - 2003 soft forms, market launch with square headlights, later on with “evil eyes” as an extra, now front wheel drive and permanent 4x4 "Syncro"-version on demand, with axle lock up as a surchcharged option

Typ 5
Wind tunnel optimized “super Bus”, front wheel drive or 4 Motion, even the Transporter is not feeling like a commercial vehicle anymore, driving a Type 5 is like driving a regular car

microbus market launch 2009?

For further information we suggest the following site of Volkswagen Chronik

The accurate model names are as followed -

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The numeration in chronological order:

Type 1 (made from 1938 until 2003)
The Bug and ist relatives like Typ14 the little Karmann-Ghia, Typ147 the Fridolin, ...

Type 2 (made since 1950)
The Transporter, also called Bulli, with its model ranges T1, T2, T3, T4 and the present T5.

Type 3 (made from 1961 until 1973)
The first medium-sized vehicle by VW, e.g. VW 1500 and VW 1600. It still had a rear engine and was based mostely on the Bug. Its nicest version was Type 34, the big Karmann-Ghia.

Type 4 (made from 1968 until 1974)
The last rear engine model range introduced by VW. In the beginning as Typ411 and later on as Typ412.